This page allows you to create your own maps using a (free) ArcGIS Online public account; explore and share maps about people and businesses, landscapes, the climate and much more; and gives you access to tools that will help you visualize large amounts of data and convey information in a way that’s more powerful than just words. Let’s get started!


Here, users and assessment practitioners can create a map. To do so, first choose a base map from the options provided below and then simply drag and drop your data file (a CSV or Excel file) on to the map. Your file must include coordinates (latitudes and longitudes) in the following fields a) latitude fields: lat, latitude, y, ycenter b) longitude fields: lon, long, longitude, x, xcenter. You can also drag and drop zipped shapefiles.

To save the map, either use your ArcGIS Online account or subscribe to to sign-up for a (free) public account that allows you to create, save, publish, download or print your map.

LIVING ATLAS of the World

The ESRI Living Atlas is a collection of authoritative, ready-to-use global geographic information. The themed content in the Living Atlas is curated from content available in ArcGIS Online. The Living Atlas enables the exploration of people and places around the world, as well as the natural and man-made influences that impact them. Experience the benefit of on-demand access to valuable maps, data layers, tools, services, and apps to help you achieve your goals. Always changing and evolving, like our world, the Living Atlas contains information that impacts lives.