Map shows bathing water sites and water quality data from 2002 until 2012 when zoomed in. When zoomed out aggregated data by countries for 2012 is displayed.See reports, data and other information at European Environment Agency’s bathing water webpage.For the scales 1:5.000.000 and less detailed, data are aggregated by country. In such cases, stacked bars show percentage of bathing water quality for coastal and inland waters together. Number of bathing waters within certain category is seen in a pop up window which can be turned on with a click on one of the countries. For the scales less than 1:5 000.000, individual bathing water sites (points) are visible and are coloured according to the classification of bathing water quality. Symbol size depends on the map scale (in more detailed map scales, symbols are bigger). Symbol size depends on the map scale. Pop-up windows with bathing water results appear by clicking on points.Source: European Environment Agency (EEA)

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