Africa soils data was digitized by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) from the UNESCO/FAO Soils Map of the World at a scale of 1:5m (sheets VI 1-2-3). From the original 1509 soil-units of the World map, Africa’s 106 units were increased to 133 to allow identification of associated soils. Important soils covering less than 20 percent of the area are added as inclusions. References:* FAO (1977). UNESCO/FAO Soil Map of the World, scale 1:5m. UNESCO, Paris.* FAO (1983). Statistical Data on Existing Animal Units by Agro-ecological Zones for Africa by Todor Boyadgiev. * FAO (1983). Statistical Data on Existing and Potential Populations by Agro-ecological Zones for Africa by Marina Zanetti. * FAO (1978). Report on the Agro-ecological Zones Project. Vol. I: Methodology and Result for Africa. World Soil Resources No.48.* Defence Mapping Agency. Global Navigation and Planning Charts for Africa (various dates:1976-1982), Scale 1:5m. Washington DC.

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